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Why Outdoor Lighting?

Aesthetics, Functionality, Safety, Security, and Value



You already have a beautiful landscape...why limit its beauty to daylight hours?  Highlight key features to accentuate the beauty of your architecture, landscape, works of art, or water features.


Proper lighting can extend the use of areas well after dark.


Safety is always a concern for your family and guests. Ensure your pathways are illuminated to eliminate potential falls.


The number one deterrent to criminal activity is light.  Criminals don't want to be seen. Proper lighting will encourage criminals to move on to other locations.



Lighting systems will add value to your home or business. Ride down the block at night. Which home do you look at and admire...those that are dark or those warmly illuminated?

Our Process

What does our process look like at Outdoor Illumination, LLC? Discover our 5 step process here!