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How Many Handicap Parking Spaces do I Need on my Parking Lot?

September 25th, 2013 | Posted in Pavement Marking | No Comments

Handicap Parking SpacesAccording to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a business must provide accessible-parking spaces for handicapped people, and the number of spaces needed depends on the total of the parking stalls on the property. With Carolina Surface Coatings parking lot striping service, you receive the most comprehensive knowledge of ADA regulations in the area.

At least one handicap-parking space in each parking lot must be accessible by vans, and when a lot has more than eight accessible spaces, one of every eight of those spaces must be accessible by vans.

Parking lots with spaces for up to 25 cars need only one handicap-parking stall, but that space must be accessible by vans. Lots with 26 to 50 spaces need 2 handicap stalls, 51 to 75 spaces require 3 handicap stalls and 76 to 100 spaces need 4 ADA stalls. Parking areas accommodating 101 to 150 cars need to have 5 handicap spaces, 151 to 200 spaces require 6 handicap stalls and 201 to 300 spaces need 7 ADA stalls. In lots with 301 to 400 parking spaces, 8 of those spaces must be accessible for handicapped people, and 9 spaces in lots for 401 to 500 cars need to be reserved for handicapped people. In parking lots with 501 to 1000 spaces, 2 percent of the spaces must be handicap accessible, and lots for 1001 or more cars must have 20 handicap spaces with 1 extra space for each additional 100 cars.

For assurance that your parking lot meets ADA requirements, call Carolina Surface Coatings (CSC) when you want to re-stripe the lot. During our 45 years of experience, we have gained the trust of hundreds of satisfied customers who depend on us to repair asphalt, sealcoat asphalt and surface recreational areas as well as to stripe and mark parking lots and pavement. We also provide our loyal customers with car stops, bollards, traffic signs and more. Our reputation for superior service, professionalism and excellent customer service is a source of pride for us. We will be happy to adapt our services to work around your schedule and meet your needs. Fill out the Free Job Quote form or phone us at 888-922-2993 to learn more about our service.

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