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How should I prepare for a sealcoating job?

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Parking Lot SealcoatingAfter booking an appointment, you can take a few minor steps to prepare for a sealcoating job. We do a thorough and complete job, but we require your assistance in four areas.

Remove All Obstacles

Remove all obstacles that would prevent us from sealcoating the entire surface. If vehicles, trailers, materials or toys remain on the parking lot or driveway, we have no access to the asphalt beneath the items. To perform our best for you, we require access to the asphalt’s full surface.

Turn Off Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

We don’t have qualms about getting wet; actually, an unexpected sprinkling feels great in warm weather. Unfortunately, sealcoating must be applied to dry asphalt. Ensure automatic sprinklers and irrigation systems are turned off the night before the appointment to keep your asphalt surface dry, and keep systems off for 24 hours after the sealcoat’s application.

Prevent Traffic

Vehicles, kids, pets and visitors must keep off the newly sealed lot, and such traffic must keep off for 24 hours after we seal the asphalt.

 Keep an Eye on the Sky

We must apply sealcoat to a dry surface, and the surface must remain dry for 24 hours following the application, so we can’t seal the lot if the forecast calls for rain. We stay on top of communication, but if you’ve not yet heard from us when the weather is questionable, call us to confirm the appointment or reschedule the process.

Opening our doors in 1968 means we have many years’ experience in sealcoating and have honed customer satisfaction and service to our exemplary ideal. We pay meticulous attention to guaranteeing your asphalt is fully prepared for sealing; this includes everything from weed removal, painstaking cleaning and priming to completing the job with a finished edge at the street, barricading and striping the parking lot. To receive a free quote on sealcoating your parking lot or driveway, call us at 888-922-2993 or fill out the free quote form on our website.

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