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Why Sealcoat?

Dollars and cents – It costs less to maintain asphalt than to replace it. Sealcoating an asphalt surface not only increases its lifetime, it improves the appearance of the buildings and grounds surrounding it. Professional sealcoating extends the life of off-street pavement by sealing in the asphalt binder. It is protective, durable coating that provides several important advantages:

1. Prevents oxidation from sunlight
2. Stops water absorption
3. Resists gas and oil penetration
4. Reduces freezing and thawing
5. Beautifies your driveway or lot with a uniform black finish.

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Carolina Surface Coatings has been a valued member of our organization for more than 20 years. They are an established Preferred Vendor in the Upstate area. - Laura Little, Executive Director, Upper State Apartment Association, Greenville, SC